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The Clear Mask Design advantage

Our kit designs utilize computer aided design techniques and are the finest most comprehensive kits in the industry. Our goal is to yield maximum coverage protection with minimum number of seams and relief cuts.

Dare To compare. When comparison shopping for pre-cut kits always evaluate kit designs by coverage area.

design van

Low Cost kits typically use less material, lower quality films and yield poor quality application and coverage.

Our state of the art design van is our mobile operations center for computer aided design. We are out in the field everyday designing new kits for our customers. If you don't see your vehicle kit in our online store please fill out our short "request a vehicle" form so that we can schedule our van to design a kit for your vehicle type.

ClearMask kits come in two sizes. We offer our standard kit and an Extra Large kit for the best coverage in the industry.

We also offer all of our kits in with three film choices: ClearMask AR, Aerogard, and Aerogard Ultra.

Film Comparative Strengths

ClearMask AR: Combines longevity and a great 'on-car' look with an ease of installation unmatched in the paint protection film industry - at a price more affordable than many inferior products!. Click Here for more information >>

Aerogard: Extremely clear and very durable film with a world class adhesive system. Click Here for more information >>

Aerogard Ultra: The most optically clear film we sell. If you want the best Click Here to learn more >>

Standard Kit
The Standard kit offers great protection and is easy to install on most vehicles. The coverage area is equal to or in most cases greater than any pre-cut film kits on the market.
XL Kit
Designed for the most protection available for the areas of your vehicle that need it most. They require more care in application due to more surface area with more complex curves. They can be installed by amatures if enough time is taken to follow directions with the use of the right tools.
corvette kit
Installation difficulty varies from vehicle to vehicle and film choice. In our Online Store we rate all of our designs on a scale of ease of installation from 1 to10. One being the least difficult to install
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Special Noteworthy Items
Not in the budget to buy a whole roll of film? We sell partial rolls of film in standard widths. Buy a1/2 roll of film at same price/per square foot as a
whole roll. >>

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