Become a ClearMask™ Paint Protection Kit Dealer!

Tired of paying through the nose for pre-cut paint protection kits and bulk film? Are you ready to join the ClearMask™ family of certified installers and dealers? Whether you are interested in buying pre-cut kits (We have over 20,000+ kits by the way) or cutting your own kits (We donŐt make you pay per cut either) we can set you up. We carry only the best equipment, software, and film.


Our business model works this way: When a customer comes to your shop show him/her a finished car, or an installation in progress. Do your sales pitch using our great sales and marketing tools including our online retail store showing retail price and making the comparison between buying retail and installing it themselves vs. having it professionally installed by your company. Then make an appointment with your customer to have a kit installed. After the sale go to Your online ClearMask™ wholesale store and log in. Order the kit and the kit will be shipped that business day (if ordered by 2:00 PM CST) to your shop. Are your customers more demanding? Are your competitors cutting their own kits in-house? When you become a ClearMask™ Authorized Dealer you will have access to the best equipment, software, and film and the cheapest prices around. Need a kit that is not in our database? We can show you how to design your own kits and cut the paint protection kit on the spot for your customers.

How to become a ClearMask™ Authorized Dealer

Are you ready to buy cheaper kits, bulk film, plotters, and the easiest, most fully featured cutting software on the market? Sign-up today! It's easy. There is no fee to pay. You must be approved by our Dealer/Installer manager before you can enjoy massive reductions over retail prices for all paint protection kits in our catalog. With your ClearMask™ application and approval you will be able to purchase exclusive marketing materials to illustrate to your walk-in customers the benefits of our Aerogard, Lightgard, and ClearMask AR protective films. Show off your brochures with our ClearMask™ replica hood display. We will install our ClearMask AR protective film on this display so that your customers will be able to experience the benefits of paint protection film.

Application Training

Certified dealers are invited to come to ClearMask™ for our training sessions held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. This extensive training session on all of our films is good for beginners and experts alike. The initial training is $500.00 for Authorized ClearMask™ Dealers*. Many of our dealers that have prior automotive shop experience have found that our professional installation training DVD, application tools, phone support, and practice are all that is required to yield professional results. Our hands-on training sessions, taught by ClearMask™ Master installers, will take anyoneŐs installation skills to the next level. Learn Master tips and tricks to speed up overall installation times and top-notch quality results.

Get Free Referals

Who doesnŐt like a little free publicity. is the top search result on Google for paint protection kits. Our web site is seen by thousands of customers monthly who may be intimidated to install a paint protection kit on their own. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach customers in your region. We will send customers to your website, email, phone number, or physical location. We have invested a huge amount of time and resources to "stay on top" so take advantage of our search engine placement to give your business a boost by becoming a ClearMask™ Authorized Dealer/Applicator.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Dealer please fill out our online application form.

*not including transportation or lodging

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